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We have been asked innumerable times over the years – can my windows restored?  The short answer is Yes.  With component replacement and wood epoxy repairs even the most dilapidated window can be brought back to life.  But each restoration project must strike the right balance between the homeowner’s goals, the existing condition of the windows, and the budget for the project.  The ultimate museum quality restoration suitable for the State Capitol dome might be out of reach for average homeowner who is looking for window restoration in Denver, Colorado.

We believe that high quality window solutions should be accessible to all historic homeowners, and we have worked very hard to come up with solution that can fit any budget.  Rather than offering one pre-packaged price for restoration, we perform out restoration work on an hourly basis so that we can tailor our services to your specific needs in the most cost-effective manner possible. All restoration work completed by Lyons Historic Window meets or exceeds the standards established by the preservation experts at the National Park Service. Click here for the NPS brief regarding the Repair of Historic Wooden Windows.


Foremost for many people is having windows that actually function! Careless painting is usually to blame for poor operation. For Double-Hung windows, broken sash cords can also be the culprit. We can give your windows a tune-up: removing old paint from all operable parts, replacing sash cords, and refitting your sash to smooth operation. We can also restore operability to your upper sash. Lyons Historic Windows offers exceptional Window Restoration inDenver, Colorado!

Thermal Upgrades

Energy efficiency is an important concern with today’s energy costs. We offer a range of modern solutions to remedy your thermal problems. With simple modifications, we can add a metal T-rail at the jambs and a silicone bulb at the meeting and bottom rails. If your glazing putty is loose and crumbling from around the glass it may be contributing to heat loss. We recommend re-glazing your sash to ensure a weather-tight seal. The optimal thermal upgrade includes exterior Storm Sash.

Wood Stabilization

When discussing wood restoration it is important to make the distinction between the stabilization of wood rot and wood refinishing. Generally, the only components of a window that are subject to wood rot are the horizontal surfaces that accumulate moisture. This includes the exterior wood sill, horizontal muntins, the bottom of the sash and exterior trim components. The process we use to stabilize wood rot is a two-part epoxy system that saturates the wood and fossilizes the fibers. The deteriorated areas can then be built up with epoxy filler to salvage their original profile. The stabilization process breathes new life into your windows and guarantees their structural integrity. Those who are concerned about the appearance of their windows will want to take the extra step of refinishing the wood sash and jambs.

Wood Refinishing

This process takes place in our shop where we use an eco-friendly steam stripping process to completely remove paint and glazing from your sash. We sand, refinish, and re-glaze your sash using new or existing glass. The jamb and trim components can also be stripped, sanded, and refinished to give your entire window a crisp, clean appearance. Refinishing is a labor intensive process that is an investment in preserving your vintage windows and beautifying your home. For those on a tighter budget who also desire a truly crisp and clean appearance, custom milling of new Sash to match your existing is an option.

Lyons Historic Window is the leader in Windo Restoration in Denver, Colorado!

Great Window Restoration in Denver, Colorado for your home & budget

Original wood windows are a valuable asset to any home. Your vintage wood windows were milled from virgin wood (a material twice as dense as any wood available on today’s market, glazed with hand-rolled glass, and custom built into the masonry openings of your home).  Although your windows may have suffered years of neglect, underneath all those layers of paint lies a diamond in the rough. We offer you a variety of modern solutions to help return your historic windows to their original splendor. Give us a call for a consultation on window restoration in Denver, Colorado. 

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