Custom Millwork in Denver, Colorado

Nothing rivals the quality and durability of traditional wood windows. Though vinyl windows are initially a less expensive alternative, their lifespan is short because they are manufactured using materials that quickly lose their integrity. Once their components fail they cannot be repaired without replacing the entire unit. Lyons Historic Windows offers Custom Millwork in Denver, Colorado at their own location where they design high-quality windows and doors.

Ultimately, they are a more costly choice. Our custom wood windows are built to last. Our precision in matching the detail and design begins with architecturally drafted shop drawings. Using traditional craftsmanship, we mill windows and doors that will last generations with minimal maintenance.

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New Windows

The ingenious design of windows hung by a traditional rope and pulley continues to be the most durable operating system available. We proudly offer these traditional Double Hung windows as well as Casement, Transom, and Hopper windows.

New Doors

New true divided lite French doors are a rarity. We mill interior and exterior doors, storm and screen doors to any thickness or profile you desire. While most of our doors have insulated glass panels, we love to incorporate stained glass designs to create a truly unique product.

Just Sash, Sills, Jambs

Though we love to restore old windows, sometimes it is more cost effective to mill new window components if a truly immaculate appearance is desired. We can mill new true divided lite sash which will match your original sash and work with your existing jambs. We can also mill new muntins to replace missing or irreparably damaged ones, as well as new jambs for existing sash.

Great for you

Custom Millwork in Denver, Colorado

We specialize in windows, but also offer a comprehensive approach to whole-building performance and appearance. Our success is marked by our attention to detail and our ability to provide a turn-key service that includes planning, installation, and maintenance. If you are looking for Custom Millwork in Denver, Colorado, Lyons Historic Window are the pros to call!

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